The Death Stranding eyewear and sunglasses collection

After collaborating with JFRey for eyewear collection inspired by his previous video game, Hideo Kojima meets again the French designer Jean-François Rey and his creative studio to develop a collection of optical and sunglasses adapted to the game’s atmosphere. Our designers worked in close collaboration with KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS to design the style of the frames according to the personality of each character. Originality, quality of materials, and neat finishes, the collection has wholly benefited from the know-how of the French eyewear manufacturer.





















Cliff Skull












Polarizing lenses 

Light reflects on shiny surfaces such sea, roads or the snow. This phenomenon creates unwanted reflection effects that alter you visual comfort. Polarizing sunlenses thanks to a special filter remove unwanted refection effects. Vision is thus more comfortable and more contrasted too. This technology is particularly advised when driving or being near water surface. DEATH STRANDING sunglasses are all fitted with high quality polarizing lenses.

Vision without polarizing sunlenses

Vision with polarizing sunlenses




Our frames are delivered in a numbered black box containing a soft case with embossed logo and DEATH STRANDING printing on top side, and a printed cleaning cloth.



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